Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Once was lost….

But now I’m found. Honest. Well at least partially.

It has been awhile I know but with 2 jobs + Darling Dilemma & being a mom, & a trip back home to Ontario, well… December was a write off.

But let’s not dwell. Let’s catch up!
When we last parted I was in full Darling Dilemma Christmas mode. Sales & products galore! Mid December I slowed down, closed the shop for a bit & made time for my family & to recoup from a very hectic fall.

One of the greatest goings-on was our family trip back to Ontario to spend Christmas, together, with our families. Everyone says their Christmas was great, but this one was heart-warming for my little family.

Since moving to New Brunswick 2 years ago, my husband & I haven’t had much opportunity to vacation together. Our schedules are different, flying isn’t an option (flying 3 people even to Ontario can be a huge financial strain!) and driving quickly eats up your days. Last Christmas this meant we spent the holidays apart. My son & I drove to Ontario to spend Christmas with my parents, while my poor husband was stuck in Fredericton working. It was sad, even depressing & frankly it broke my heart. I knew I couldn’t do it again.

2010 brought us new opportunities though, & a because of a new understanding employer my husband was able to get the time off to come home with us for Christmas. Our respective parents treated us all into flying instead of driving & suddenly the whole holiday was a go!

Son's first plane flight
Spending Christmas with everyone, husband included was the only gift I wanted. It was a gift that fit perfectly.

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  1. I love that cozy Christmas Tree photo! Family is what the holidays are all about for sure.