Thursday, August 19, 2010

THE *F* WORD... Fall

When you say to others that summer is almost over, expect some harsh responses & the occasional glare. It could be my experience because I live in Canada, where so often our warm weather & sunny days are so limited but really I think it is a much more global issue than that.

Maybe it comes from the days of our youth, and the back to school blues. Those last few weeks of summer were relegated to trying to squeeze in as much fun, excitement & adventures into them as possible.

I will admit, I'm still guilty of this. There are about 2 more weeks left til my son goes back to school & I now wake up in a slight panic thinking, what wonderful thing can we do today??

Our move & vacation home to Ontario took up a lot of our time and money this summer. Both were exciting in their own ways but last summer we had a lot more adventures I think. So with only two more weeks til the whole 'back to school' thing takes over our lives, I'm on the hunt for adventure!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Warm Fuzzies (+ CONTEST!)

Trying to get the word out about your business can be challenging but I've learnt that it can also be a lot of fun...
After having my first, very successful, contest to have facebook fans invite their friends to my page, I wound up with over 400 fans (or rather 'likes' as they are now called, but I prefer fans still). It was exciting to check the count each day, count up people's referral's & feel a 'buzz' over my page! It was a close race to the finish line for the competitors that everyone seemed to be watching & enjoying. The winner, Tara, received a OOAK necklace from Darling Dilemma.

I was concerned that I would drastically or even slowly lose these fans but, amazingly enough, I didn't. Sure a few disappeared, but they were replaced with new fans, who were even more interested & eager to see what I do!!

... maybe I should take a pause here and explain something.
I'm an art school graduate.
In other words, I'm used to people not caring about my creative output beyond opening night.

So that initial contest led to, fans, friends, custom orders, sales & continued support - all of which leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling. So to celebrate the 'warm fuzzies' I am holding an End of Summer Contest! - a fun new contest with 2 chances of winning!! 1 winner will be a random drawing of a participant & the other will be for most interesting/inventive/fun entry!
This contest is about posting a link that leads new people to Darling Dilemma's fanpage or etsy shop . (as a bonus if you link to my blog I will give you an extra ballot in the random draw)

Here is how to participate:
1. Post a link to my fanpage and/or etsy shop on your facebook page or blog. How you choose to do this is up to you - creativity will give a chance at the second prize!!!
2. If you:
- Linked on a blog: post a link on the Darling Dilemma fanpage wall

- Linked on your facebook wall: screen capture it & email to;

(to 'screen capture' press the Print Screen button on your keyboard and then open any photo/photo editing program i.e. Paint, and hit CRTL V. The image should appear for you to edit or save)

*please note: I will be using screen captures of entries & posting some of my favorites in an album on the fanpage. If you do NOT want me to post yours, please state so in your email*

Further details:

The contest is that easy & can be as fun as you want it to be! Remember creativity is rewarded here folks!
1 ballot will be given for entering my link on your facebook page
1 ballot will be given for entering my link on your blog
1 bonus ballot will be given if you link my blog as well.

The second prize will be awarded to the most creative entry (as chosen by me).

Contest closes August 31st, 2010.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Treasure Trove

In February I opened my Etsy shop, Darling Dilemma. I've been amazed by the support of friends & family, & by how quickly word spread and made my little shop successful. All that support means I can continue doing what I love & make jewelry. It has afforded me the chance to expand & learn, as well as create.

I am thankful.

Etsy is full of amazing shops & items. It is filled with incredible OOAK (one of a kind) finds that you won't find anywhere else that were made by someone who loves to create, just like me. I wish I could tell you I am altruistic enough that I shop on etsy to return the karma & support others like I am supported but the truth of the matter is - I am addicted. I am addicted to having something special, something OOAK that no one else on the block will have (well, no one else period!).

On that note I decided it was time to create another etsy treasury! Treasuries (for those non-etsyers... although, come on!! Don't you want to be immersed in the etsy universe now??) are curated showcases of someone's favorite things. They can have a theme, a connection or just be random & have nothing in common other than just being loved.

For a better look, click Treasury.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Studio Dilemma

Okay so it is a bit of play on words - I don't really have a studio dilemma (other than it being in my kitchen for the time being). People are interested & intrigued with the spaces in which us artists & crafters create. There are studio tours, open houses & of course the blogsphere to feed this interest.

Customers and facebook fans have asked me about my practice, my beads and particularly how I organize myself, so I thought I would share some photos.

In my everyday life I struggle with organization. I never have enough space/shelves/closests/cupboards to house everything I want. I live larger than life & evidently, larger than my home. But when it comes to my art & jewelry practice I try to keep it contained. This doesn't mean I don't have WAY more than my share of materials but I always manage to buy enough containers etc. to keep them together & organized. In fact organizing my beads is a bit of an obsession for me - one that I truly love.

I get a strange thrill by placing each package or bead in an appropriate spot, in the right, colour-coordinated case. I recently related this enjoyment to that which I felt when I would organize all my doll's items in a similar fashion. This organization would normally last longer than the round of playing with the dolls.

Anyways, there is a little peek into my studio life. As always I welcome comments, confessions & questions...