Friday, June 3, 2011

My Bead Heaven

So yesterday I promised more... more blogging & more photos!
So here are some photos from my shopping excursion for beads in Toronto!

*side note - don't trust ANY of these colours as they have been changed for photo aesthetics & to hide their true identities for the time being

Overwhelmed by the choices!


Rainbow of my dreams....

One of my favorite post features from other bloggers lately have been their 'Song of the Week' links & so in that spirit I leave you with my favorite song (on constant repeat) to listen to on this trip...

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life Is A Highway - vacation photo diary

Life is a New Brunswick Highway
Some of  my favorite bloggers are apologizing for being bad because they haven't blogged in ages & as much as I don't feel it is necessary for them to apologize to me, I do feel like I constantly have to apologize to you, my readers. Blogging guilt - it is a 21st century problem! lol Anyways I've just returned from vacation & wanted to share some of my photos with you all as a sort of vacation diary.

The boy & I did a road trip back to Ontario...

En route:

 *Quebec Rest Stop which we abused by NOT resting.                              *Contraption

We had a stopover in Montreal. Although I've driven around & thru Montreal I have not actually 'been' there til now. I was enamoured.

 *Montreal Bridge..duh                                                                        *pretending we're in France for breakfast

 It was wonderful to be home with my parents...
One of the photos reminds me of Mom & one of Dad... can you guess which is which?

Going Home:

Back in Montreal for another go around... & ice cream!

So that's a brief look at my trip in photos... stay tuned for a look at my beading purchases, inspirations & news tomorrow (if I'm not a bad blogger...)!