Friday, March 25, 2011


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Although it might not FEEL like spring yet, here in Saint John it is certainly starting too look like it. One day I looked out into the mountains of snow & within days the scenery changed to lawns with muddy spring grass & brilliant sunshine.
This week I was even treated to lunch with a family of six as I sat in my car admiring...

To me each season has very obvious colour associations... autumn oranges & cranberry, winter blues, spring... always greens & very earthy tones.
 Here I've used some favorite greens & definitely my colour of the year - purple! There are some amazing hints of brown in this piece as well... the whole thing coming together like the growth, soil & flowers of a garden.

Here are a few other pieces & colours from my Spring line;



Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Bag Dilemma

(I've decided to just ignore the elephant in the room - not having blogged a word since January...& just jump back in randomly)

So not only do I sell on Etsy, but I shop there... a lot.  It is a serious addiction. I often find myself spending hours surfing the amazing shops there & all the goodness within.  I tend to do this most on Sunday evenings.  I don't know why & it really isn't relevant, but I wanted to share.

Anyways, it is just about Spring so I'm jonesing for a new bag. The perfect bag. 

The problem is, spending this much time on Etsy I've culminated too many perfect bags in my 'favorites' & now I'm overwhelmed with the choice I've got to make!
I've narrowed it down to a mere 7...

 1. Ivory Ruffle Flower Black Handbag $85 +$30 shipping = $115 USD
This bag is a great size & the beauty of the flower & colour combination makes me swoon. 


2. Handmade from a Hot Pink Leather Jacket $47.50 + $15 shipping
Okay so I just LOVE the bow detail on this, having eyed several other bags with bows lately, but beyond that & the colour, how cool is it that this was reclaimed from a leather jacket!?! Score one for recycling!

3. Eco-friendly Hemp bag with Songbird $48 + $5.50 shipping
Definitely more casual (already I'm convincing myself I need more than one bag - see my dilemma??), but such a great colour & pretty image. Loving that it is hemp too.

4. Mira in Purple $48 + $13 shipping
I love purple... do I need to say more? Okay, fine... I love the size, shape & it looks super durable! Happy now?

5. Sweet and Lowdown French Quarter Boho Messenger $54 + $5 shipping

Ruffles are another favorite with me. I love them combined with this grey. I'm trying out grey, as I was verbally abusive of it in the past.


6. Delila Bag $68 + $9 shipping

Okay so this bag has been on my want list the longest... the colour, combined with the polka dots just calls to me. So vibrant & fun! But.. I already have a bag in this style.

7. Quote $88 + $12 shipping
This bag is dreamy. It is a 3-way bag, with a handle that you can switch around & you can't see it in this photo but this bag is also lined in a gorgeous sunny yellow, giving it an even lovelier look!

And so there is my dilemma.
Which bag would you choose?