Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life Is A Highway - vacation photo diary

Life is a New Brunswick Highway
Some of  my favorite bloggers are apologizing for being bad because they haven't blogged in ages & as much as I don't feel it is necessary for them to apologize to me, I do feel like I constantly have to apologize to you, my readers. Blogging guilt - it is a 21st century problem! lol Anyways I've just returned from vacation & wanted to share some of my photos with you all as a sort of vacation diary.

The boy & I did a road trip back to Ontario...

En route:

 *Quebec Rest Stop which we abused by NOT resting.                              *Contraption

We had a stopover in Montreal. Although I've driven around & thru Montreal I have not actually 'been' there til now. I was enamoured.

 *Montreal Bridge..duh                                                                        *pretending we're in France for breakfast

 It was wonderful to be home with my parents...
One of the photos reminds me of Mom & one of Dad... can you guess which is which?

Going Home:

Back in Montreal for another go around... & ice cream!

So that's a brief look at my trip in photos... stay tuned for a look at my beading purchases, inspirations & news tomorrow (if I'm not a bad blogger...)!

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