Friday, July 2, 2010

I have been a bad blogger.. bad, bad, bad! But truth been told I have almost a thousand good excuses and almost that many good intentions.

Several months ago my husband decided to take a new job opportunity that has had our lives in a bit of a chaotic mess. The job was in another city and so my husband moved on ahead of us, so that I could stay with our son til school finished. Last day of school June 25th, same day the packers arrived.
So this week finds us in a new city, in our new home.

It is a time of new. It is, and I am trying to embrace it whole heartedly. When we first moved to New Brunswick a year & a half ago, I will admit, I was hesitant. New Brunswick was one of the provinces that I had just never dreamt of. I went thru a period of B.C. dreaming when I was about 20 (go west young woman...), and once I had my son, I had big dreams of moving him to P.E.I. or Nova Scotia. New Brunswick always seemed to be the province you would drive thru to get somewhere better. I was so wrong.

It is a place of immense beauty.

It is a place of forests & beaches. Kind hearted people & amazing sights.
It is a place I hope you all come visit.

And it is the place I am calling home.

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