Monday, August 9, 2010

Studio Dilemma

Okay so it is a bit of play on words - I don't really have a studio dilemma (other than it being in my kitchen for the time being). People are interested & intrigued with the spaces in which us artists & crafters create. There are studio tours, open houses & of course the blogsphere to feed this interest.

Customers and facebook fans have asked me about my practice, my beads and particularly how I organize myself, so I thought I would share some photos.

In my everyday life I struggle with organization. I never have enough space/shelves/closests/cupboards to house everything I want. I live larger than life & evidently, larger than my home. But when it comes to my art & jewelry practice I try to keep it contained. This doesn't mean I don't have WAY more than my share of materials but I always manage to buy enough containers etc. to keep them together & organized. In fact organizing my beads is a bit of an obsession for me - one that I truly love.

I get a strange thrill by placing each package or bead in an appropriate spot, in the right, colour-coordinated case. I recently related this enjoyment to that which I felt when I would organize all my doll's items in a similar fashion. This organization would normally last longer than the round of playing with the dolls.

Anyways, there is a little peek into my studio life. As always I welcome comments, confessions & questions...

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