Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Apple of My Eye, Sunshine of My Life

Some days have a theme song, don't you think?

Sometimes I wake up with a song in my head or heart, sometimes I have a lyric that randomly springs to my lips. Am I the only one? Surely not.

But where do they come from & what inspires them? I have on occasion woken up from a dream & had the soundtrack to it stuck in my mind.  Or an incident happens in real life that plays out like a song lyric.  Personally, that is my favorite type of theme song.

Anyone who has perused my etsy shop will know that songs play a heavy part in my inspiration & for helping me translate an intention thru my jewelry work.

Today's new listing comes right out of my Stevie Wonder day;

Apple of My Eye
Or there is yesterday's that came from a particular favorite by Band of Horses;

The Funeral
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Do you have a theme song for today? Or maybe one that is your personal soundtrack for life? I'd love to hear them!

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