Monday, April 4, 2011

On A Windy Day...

There are a few things I love as much as I love Etsy... no seriously, it's true!  The obvious ones, like family I won't bother listing but I want to share a few of the others with you.

Fashion, blogs, fashion blogs... twitter (although frankly that is more of an obsession these days) & photography.  It is hard to believe but all of these things came together in perfect symmetry last weekend!
Thru twitter I have managed to discover some amazing fashion blogs, my favorite being plus sized fashions and local fashionistas (expect to hear about others in blogs to come...).  Melissa is from the blog Sigh, Gush, Gasp one of the local blogs I discovered thru the large but intimate world of the tweets. 

Melissa & I headed uptown Saint John for a bit of a photo adventure in a blowing & gusty, sunny kind of day.  The following are some of the results (you can check out Sigh, Gush, Gasp for more photos AND a coupon code for my Etsy shop);

Melissa also tried out a few Darling Dilemma creations with her super cute dress. *click name to see listings


Black Heart

Pale In Comparision

All in all it was a great day in one of my favorite parts of our city.  Expect to see more photo adventures in the future.

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