Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Treasure Trove

In February I opened my Etsy shop, Darling Dilemma. I've been amazed by the support of friends & family, & by how quickly word spread and made my little shop successful. All that support means I can continue doing what I love & make jewelry. It has afforded me the chance to expand & learn, as well as create.

I am thankful.

Etsy is full of amazing shops & items. It is filled with incredible OOAK (one of a kind) finds that you won't find anywhere else that were made by someone who loves to create, just like me. I wish I could tell you I am altruistic enough that I shop on etsy to return the karma & support others like I am supported but the truth of the matter is - I am addicted. I am addicted to having something special, something OOAK that no one else on the block will have (well, no one else period!).

On that note I decided it was time to create another etsy treasury! Treasuries (for those non-etsyers... although, come on!! Don't you want to be immersed in the etsy universe now??) are curated showcases of someone's favorite things. They can have a theme, a connection or just be random & have nothing in common other than just being loved.

For a better look, click Treasury.

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