Thursday, August 19, 2010

THE *F* WORD... Fall

When you say to others that summer is almost over, expect some harsh responses & the occasional glare. It could be my experience because I live in Canada, where so often our warm weather & sunny days are so limited but really I think it is a much more global issue than that.

Maybe it comes from the days of our youth, and the back to school blues. Those last few weeks of summer were relegated to trying to squeeze in as much fun, excitement & adventures into them as possible.

I will admit, I'm still guilty of this. There are about 2 more weeks left til my son goes back to school & I now wake up in a slight panic thinking, what wonderful thing can we do today??

Our move & vacation home to Ontario took up a lot of our time and money this summer. Both were exciting in their own ways but last summer we had a lot more adventures I think. So with only two more weeks til the whole 'back to school' thing takes over our lives, I'm on the hunt for adventure!

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