Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Middle School (or what I know from Degrassi)

My son started middle school, which is a whole new ball game for me/us in many ways. 

Firstly, middle school.  I am originally from Central Ontario and we don't have middle school or junior high.  Toronto does of course, at least they used to (Degrassi Junior High??) but as those of us who lived outside of the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) like to remind everyone, there is more to Ontario than Toronto.  All I know about Junior High/Middle School, I learnt from Degrassi, and based on that my son's future looks grim...unless I quickly change his nickname to Snake. *

So the second adjustment is that my son has started French Immersion!  I am excited for him that he will get to learn a second language in a way that I never could & I hope it opens doors for his future.  My brother & my husband both took french immersion in school, and turned out far better than I did...
I am also crazy nervous as I predict hours of frustration (maybe more on my part) with my inability to help him with homework.

So the first day of school has come & gone.  We all recognize that first day as the closing to our summer; end of the holidays, fun and ultimately the finale of good weather - even those of us who don't have school aged children!  It seems irrelevant to our psyches that the official last day of summer falls on September 21st, or that it was hot enough today to sweat, wear shorts & swim in a pool.

*Maybe the fact that his name is Phoenix will help him prevail. Obviously boys with animal type names fair better than those named Wheels. 

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  1. what a cute post :) I always wanted to be "Spike" BUT without the teen pregnancy, of course!!