Thursday, September 9, 2010

Monday's Child (by Thursday)

Okay so on Tuesday it was the beginning of middle school, Wednesday it was taking the bus & walking home alone & today.... first school dance?!?!??!
Come on!              
*imagine me saying this out loud with a lot of emphasis*

My husband said I should chaperone. Of course he said it with a teasing/mocking/hahaha tone.  I considered it, at least for a moment.

They didn't ask for any chaperones. 
Still, I wouldn't. Not really.  I honestly DO want him to be his own person & I love watching him grow into it, but at the same time I miss every single step he has taken. (except for the 3 months he stopped sleeping when he was about 3...)
I love watching the expressions on his face now, that show a different kind of knowledge than they did last year or the year before. I enjoy seeing his bravery in the face of new & his confidence when meeting people.  I especially love the last ones, as it was something I never had.
So why does letting him stay home to read while I get groceries feel like... letting go? I mean it feels like an actual, physical, letting go of something almost tactile!

But I take pure joy from the times when he slips back into childlike behaviour.  When he pleads for me to snuggle him a moment longer when I tuck him in. Or when he locks his arms & legs around me in the pool.

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