Friday, September 17, 2010

Whimscal Waldorf Moments

So something I haven't mentioned before is that I used to be a Waldorf mom. ( ) A hardcore, granola-eating, Birkenstock-wearing, vegetarian hippy mama.

Okay so I'm still half of that, but I am not still a Waldorf mom.
Another day I will tell you about how I fell in love with Waldorf education. I might even tell you about various glorious moments of being a Waldorf mom.  Today though, I just miss it.

When my son was finishing Kindergarten (or 'The Rainbow Garden' as our school called it) the school's financial situation became dire and our time there came to an end.  Phoenix & I had found a warm comfy haven there when he was still just a tiny baby, when I joined a Mom & Baby group.  We spent two and a half years, every Thursday, spending time with a wonderful group of Mamas & their little ones.  Evelyn & Annalyn baked for us, held my child in comfort & even taught me to knit & sew...

When I decided to go back to school, going to college full time, I knew that my darling three year old would be as happy & well cared for in their nursery, as he would have at home with Grandma or me.  The school really was our extended family.

But Phoenix, after years in Waldorf & one year of homeschooling, is now in public school - in grade 6!  He has passed the days of fairies & gnomes, rock collections & cherishing his first successful knitting.

I miss the beauty.  You really will never find any school as beautiful as a Waldorf school.

Through the magical world of Etsy, everyone can find the beautiful nature of the Waldorf world, for themselves, their children & their homes.  I wanted to share some of the wonder I have found...

Gnome necklace from birdsoforegon

Waldorf dolls by ruprecht

Needle felted village by McBrideHouse

Star Lantern by greenbamboodesigns

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  1. How interesting! I can't wait for you to tell us more! Thank you for including my medieval village!